Sandwich is a unique, global fashion brand that believes in creating compelling seasonal concepts where design, style, and ideal combinations invoke a new experience. Loved for its contemporary style and innovative design, Sandwich offers a complete collection for any time of the day.
Sandwich is known for its clever mixture of colors and prints, bringing a fantastic assortment of combinations that add to the brand’s individuality and character. The brand offers 5 different collections: Sandwich Casual, Sandwich Special, Sandwich Home, Sandwich Essentials, and Accessories. The strength of different Sandwich collections and seasons is their ability to be combined with each other; mixing and matching is key. Sandwich collections are affordable, wearable, combinable, innovative, and recognizable. The result is a well-balanced brand that has the ability to surprise customers again and again with its newest collections.
The consumer who chooses Sandwich has a preference for natural materials and a keen eye for detail. The Sandwich woman knows what she wants, both in life as in her wardrobe. She is caring, active, and concerned with the feeling of wellbeing.
Sandwich is one of fashion’s best kept secrets. Upon its launch in 1981, Sandwich focused on design with a very distinct view to clothing. The use of relatively simple materials transformed into unexpected designs created a novelty in the European market. Small collections of T-shirts and cotton or lamb’s wool sweaters that were developed for boutique like shops and chain stores proved to be a major success. The brand has grown tremendously in both new and existing markets and the collections are now sold in 24 countries across four continents.