Loved by design connoisseurs, Italian label Palenzo is characterized by refined materials, impeccable tailoring, faultless construction, and detail-focused aesthetic.
Quality is assured and the fits are clean and modern. Of note from Palenzo collections are the immaculately cut contemporary shirts and jackets, and fine knitwear, all imbued with timeless Italian finesse.
Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the Palenzo suit, slim fit or classic fit, is the perfect dosage of elegance and modernity. The high quality and extremely thin fabrics ensures the cut impeccable finishes and makes it pleasant to wear.
The Palenzo shirts, crafted in Europe, are tailored with fabrics of choice meeting the highest requirements. 
The Palenzo dress shoes, inspired by the Italian style and crafted in Europe, mixing leather and a refined look, are comfortable to wear.
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