Las Vegas, NV- Billionaire Italian Couture, one of the most treasured secrets of the international elite opened its doors at the Palazzo in Las Vegas this spring.
As the guardian of male style and luxury, Billionaire Italian Couture is the result of the intuition and flair of Formula One’s Flavio Briatore and the creativity and style of world renowned designer Angelo Galasso together with a select group of master Italian craftsmen.
Established in London in 2005, the first brand of men’s haute couture offers a world of masculine attention to luxury details, from creating original ensembles for an evening event, to indulging in secret whims such as bespoke watches, personalized bathing robes, mono-graphed socks or personal astrological sign embroidery on slippers.
Because Billionaire Italian Couture creations have a history; all are made strictly by hand and therefore are limited editions produced in small Italian artisan workshops. It is a relentless search of original details that express quality, sophistication and eccentricity, where the classic, understated style of Italy’s tradition for fashion and elegance is consistently enriched with unusual elements that point the way to the future.
Billionaire Couture has managed to combine made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, attaining a result of the utmost quality. Shirts are hand stitched and feature pressed-flat seams according to the age old tailoring technique, with four detachable gold ribs. Suits are made to measure with a transversal Neapolitan cut with square, pure gold buttons and entirely linen finished with hand-stitched oblique buttonholes. Classic jackets carry a hint of modern; ties with wide ends of equal lengths rather than arrow-shaped with insides of pure wool; shoes made entirely by hand and fixed with wooden nails and serial numbers to guarantee their uniqueness; and belts of all types and crafting techniques in leather and fabrics enhanced with prints and silver and gold buckles, or personalized in velvet to recall the Billionaire shoe. Every garment has a story to tell and a personality to reveal in a winning combination of style, class and creativity.
It is no coincidence that the brand has won over personalities of the caliber of Paul McCartney, Mohamed Al-Fayed, David Beckham; not forgetting P. Diddy, who dons shirts with the “watch cuff”, now renamed “Cuff Daddy” in his honor.
The in store experience is a luxe as the Billionaire Product itself…
With prime locations in London, Porto Cervo, Tokyo, St. Petersburg and Moscow, the new 1697 sq. ft. Las Vegas store is the first in the United States and is a partnership with Iraklis Karabassis whose company IK Retail Group will expand and develop the brand nationally.