Freddy is an Italian company that was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur Carlo Freddi, an expert dance shoe manufacturer specializing in designing and creating apparel for dance, gym and aerobic activities. The brand is distributed at 3,000 stores and 23 mono-brand stores worldwide and registered €51 million in sales in 2011.
The Italian lifestyle brand Freddy opened its first USA flagship store at Westfield Montgomery Mall in March 2013. The company has introduced shoppers to the very special Wr.Up trousers that redefine hips and buttocks in the most natural way possible!
Created to focus on the waistline, Wr.Up supports and lifts the glute muscles. This clever design reduces and squeezes the thighs and hips, and follows the natural line of the leg muscle. The jersey material was specifically selected due to its ability to wrap to fit the female form.
Other features of the trousers include a customized silicone band inserted inside the waistband to further shape the waistline, and a hidden extra light silicone membrane at hip level. This membrane is used to push up the hips and control the shape of the wearer.
Freddy offers slim and regular fit styles as well as four gym oriented versions for running, yoga, pilates and zumba in a wide selection of colors including black, bright blue, pink, yellow and red. Comfortable enough for the office and stylish enough for a night out, WR.UP is the perfect wardrobe addition to take an outfit from the gym to work to evening wear.
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